Homes, Rural Lifestyle & Storm Shelter Loans

Both Farmers and ANYONE desiring the rural lifestyle are eligible for loans for Homes, Home and Acreage, Part-time Farms and Land to grow and build on!

Key eligibility and criteria for home loans includes:

  • Farmers - Gross Farm Income of $500, or enough land to produce that income annually.
  • Rural Residents - live in a town <2500 population, a rural subdivision, or on less than five acres, with no ability to generate $500 Gross Farm Income.
  • W-2 Income, Business Income or Cash Flow that allow you to make monthly payments.
  • Not exceed consumer mortgage lending ratios determined using total monthly payment obligations vs. monthly income at ≤28% PITI; and TMO ≤ 36%.

Advantages of our "in house" home loans...

  • Loans are not sold into the secondary market like most mortgage lenders, your loan STAYS WITH FARM CREDIT.
  • Loans tailored to YOUR needs.
  • Loans serviced by your local branch office...for the life of the loan!
  • Variety of loan options & terms (FIXED RATE OPTIONS up to 30 years)
  • Loans for land, acreage or lots for which you intend to build a home on someday. 
  • First-Time Real Estate Buyer or Ownership Credit to qualifying borrowers

Home Construction

Members love our home construction loans because we wrap the construction loan and final permanent mortgage all INTO ONE EASY LOAN CLOSING!   Saving you time!


NEW!  Storm Shelter loans

We can help finance professionally constructed and installed storm shelters.  Contact your local branch office for details...or call 479-968-1434 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

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