Intermediate Term (IT) Loans

Intermediate-term (IT) loans for all types of farm or timber/forestry equipment, including specialized equipment unique to your specific farming operation.

IT loans generally have 3-7 year terms depending on the purpose, age and conditions of the equipment.

Farm Credit IT loans are also available for up to five years for cow-calf producers to purchase or refinance breeding livestock.

For example:

  • A new tractor can be financed for up to seven years (84 months)
  • A cow/calf pair can be financed for up to five years (60 months)

Ask us about our Preferred Capital line of Credit that gives you the flexibility to amortize equipment purchases and revolve funds to borrow for additional purchases without getting a new loan for each purpose.

PLUS, there are even more benefits with our IT loans:

  • Option of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments
  • Variable, adjustable, or fixed interest rates to meet your needs and risk
  • Funds Held program - payment program that allows you to earn interest at the same rate that you pay on your loan


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